Tyre Sizes

When you order your tyres from SK8 Tyres, they can be any make and tread pattern you like, however, the size must match those currently on the car.

You can find the size by reading the markings on the side of your current tyres.

Look for a group of letters/numbers like the example below, which tell you the tyre’s width and profile, the wheel diameter, and the tyre’s load and speed ratings.

Something like this: 205/55 R17 96 W

In this example shown above:

205 is the tyre’s width in millimetres.
55 is the tyre’s profile.
R indicates the tyre’s construction type (in this case radial).
17 is the wheel rim diameter in inches.
96 is the vehicle’s load index (the maximum load it can carry).
W is the tyre’s maximum speed rating.

The speed and load ratings of the replacement tyre(s) must be equal to, or higher than those given in the vehicle handbook.

The maximum speed for each speed rating:

  • Code A-J – 62mph
  • Code K – 68mph
  • Code L – 75mph
  • Code M – 81mph
  • Code N – 87mph
  • Code P – 94mph
  • Code Q – 100mph
  • Code R – 106mph
  • Code S – 112mph
  • Code T – 118mph
  • Code U – 124mph
  • Code H – 130mph
  • Code V – 149mph
  • Code Z – over 149mph
  • Code W – 168mph
  • Code (W) – over 168mph
  • Code Y – 186mph
  • Code (Y) – over 186mph

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SK8 Tyres is an NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association) member which gives new customers peace of mind that the work we carry out, and the tyres we supply, will always be of the highest standard. We supply and fit tyres from all the globally renowned tyre manufacturers.

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