Fuel Efficient Tyres

Tyres with a high fuel efficiency rating help reduce fuel usage and therefore help reduce CO2 emissions.

Almost all tyres are rated for fuel efficiency with letters of the alphabet, A-rated being the most efficient tyre with the lowest rolling resistance. This means less energy is required to turn them on the road. The least efficient rating is G.

To manufacture an energy-efficient tyre, manufacturers adjust the compound of the rubber and create tyre profiles which are as aerodynamic as possible. 20% of the fuel you put into your vehicle is used by the tyres so it makes sense to buy the most fuel-efficient tyre your budget will allow. Doing so benefits the environment and your fuel costs.

Tyre Labelling


Choosing more fuel-efficient tyres for your vehicle will help you save fuel and reduce costs. With the easy-to-read energy efficiency label, finding the right tyre for you is simple. To ensure fuel savings do not mean lower safety or higher noise, the label highlights three essential parameters: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise. The labels are designed to help you make an informed and energy-efficient choice.

Your tyres will come with a label divided into three sections with information on:

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