Electric Vehicle (EV) Tyres

Electric vehicles are, on average, around 20-30% heavier than their “normal” counterparts, mostly due to the large battery banks required to carry the electric power they need.

As a result of this extra weight, electric cars and vans require specially manufactured tyres to bear that extra weight. Increased weight means longer braking distances and the instant torque of an electric car or van means faster tyre wear.

Tyres for electric vehicles are also manufactured with noise-reduction technology, namely a kind of foam layer bonded to the inside of the tyre. This foam layer reduces/absorbs noise and vibration from the road surface, which would be drowned out by a “normal” car’s combustion engine, and prevents it from reaching the passengers in the cabin.

We are sometimes asked to fit standard tyres to electric vehicles, but this is not at all recommended and will reduce an electric vehicle’s range by up to 20%. When you choose tyres for your electric car or van which are appropriate, you will get the ride comfort and vehicle range that the manufacturer intended.

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There are increasing numbers of electric vehicles on UK roads, and with the planned end for the production of petrol and diesel-powered cars in the UK by 2030, electric vehicles will become far more numerous.

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